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  • Will I feel it?
    No. Avodes has a sponge structure, which not only effectively absorbs blood, but also softly and seamlessly adapts to you – you will not feel it even when you move.
  • Is it biodegradable?
    Yes! This menstrual sponge fully biodegrades in natural soil in 1 to 2 months. It will be gone before your next cycle!
  • Is it reusable?
    No – because it is biodegradable and natural. Biodegradable items cannot be reused – as they dissolve after usage.
  • Do I need to sterilize or wash it?
    Do not sterilize or wash it – we do that for you. It is disposable, that’s why it saves your time, is mess free and healthy.
  • How long can I wear it?
    Up to 8 hours - it is the best way to keep your microflora healthy.
  • How do I insert it?
    Simply hold it with your fingers, press on the sides and insert it into the vagina. Push it inside as far as you can – don‘t worry it will not disappear – your vagina is an enclosed place, so nothing will disappear in there. The string is left outside for easy removal. As it is soft it can be tricky at first, but you will quickly get the hang of it and when you feel how comfortable it is, you will know that it is worth it.
  • How do I take it out?
    A looped string of the sponge makes it super easy to remove it.
  • Why is the form of the menstrual sponge so different?
    The top of the sponge slopes down, as a result, it will lead menstrual discharge away from your cervix to be absorbed at the depth of the sponge. It protects your cervix opening. Despite the fact that tampons have had a round or cylinder shape for a century, that is not the natural shape of the vagina – Avodes resembles its natural form.
  • Are you guys witches?
    Oh yes! We loved Hermione when we were little and we believe in science collaborating with nature. In Middle Ages we would have been burned at the stake.
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