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Absorbency Guide

Avodes treats gynaecological infections (BV and VVC). It protects Lactobacilli - the natural defenders of womens health. After the treatment Avodes restores the healthy microflora balance step by step. Use it only during menstruation instead of standard menstrual products and recover your health.

Light   - Streamlet 

Suitable for teens, up to the age of  25.

Absorbency up to 6g

Regular  - River 

Suitable for those, who have not given birth.

Absorbency 6 - 9 g

Super - Sea 

Suitable for those who have given birth.

Absorbency 9 - 12 g

Super Plus  - Ocean 

Suitable for those who have given birth and want extra protection.

Absorbency 12 - 15 g

Every sponge comes with a looped string for easy removal.

Designed for a real anatomy of a woman

The sponge is anatomically correct - it resembles your natural form vaginal canal so it prevents the leakage.

It has a bowl form on the top to give space for your cervix.

Avodes flexibly adopts to you and to your movements. Not the other way around.

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