Menstrual sponge is coming!

For Your Lactobacillus


Well covered and efficient

Balanced pH

Corresponds Natural Vaginal pH
based on Biotechnology

Fully Supple

It easy adopts to you when you move.
Despite tampons were round for a century, your vagina is not - Avodes resembles your natural form.

Medically approved

Safety approved in clinical trial



Avodes natural konjac material works as prebiotic to your vaginal Lactobacillus - the main health guards of your vagina.



I was surprised by the comfort of the sponge, I did not feel it at all and there were no problems with insertion and removal! And of course, it is very important that the sponge is 100%  Biodegradable in nature and thus does not further pollute the environment.

Happy Friends Laughing


„ A high-end and comfortable Avodes product that significantly improves women's quality of life every month. It is a necessity for women all over the world and should appear on the market as soon as possible. I am eagerly waiting for its release... „

Autumn Mood


"It did not irritate my skin, it was nice to insert because it is moist. And it does not leak!„

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