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1 Antibiotic-free treatment for 2 diseases:
Bacterial vaginosis and Candidiasis



Unique medical device

Treats BV and VVC

Biotechnological solution inhibits pathogens of Bacterial Vaginosis and Candida infections, but preserves Lactobacilli.

Protects Lactobacilli

Avodes removes pathogens and helps your own Lactobacilli to take charge and to protect you. So, that infection will not reoccur.

Prevents infections

Restores a healthy microbiota balance during menstruation and prevents infections to reoccur.



Avodes natural konjac material works as a prebiotic for your vaginal Lactobacilli - the main health protectors and infections fighters of your vagina.

Avodes has balanced pH resembling natural vaginal fluid of a healthy woman.




Lactobacilli and their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory products provide an effective defense against pathogens including fungi (Candida), bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis-associated bacteria, viruses and etc.

What they do?

  • production of biochemically active compounds that directly kill or inhibit pathogens,

  • antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory products,

  • physical barrier against pathogen adhesion,

  • the stimulation of human defense mechanisms against pathogens,

  • production of lactic acid.

The vaginal Lactobacilli plays an essential role not only in health of a human gynecological system, but also potentially in successful fertilization and healthy pregnancies.

If we will protect our own private

Superheros - Lactobacilli,

they will protect us from various diseases!



so it is easier for you to insert it in, or take it out, even on light days. It feels both natural and comfortable while in use.
Use it for treatment and afterwards for couple months only during menstruation to recover Lactobacilli balance.


...and it has perfect absorbency.


When you throw it away, it will be gone before your next cycle!

Made from 100% plant based material

Biodegrades in 1-2 month after use in natural soil



I was surprised by the comfort of the sponge, I did not feel it at all and there were no problems with insertion and removal! And of course, it is very important that the sponge is 100%  Biodegradable in nature and thus does not further pollute the environment."


Designed for a real anatomy of a woman

The sponge is anatomically correct - it resembles your natural form of a vaginal canal so it   prevents the leakage.

It has a bowl form on the top to give space for your cervix.

Avodes flexibly adopts to you and to your movements. Not the other way around.


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We are proud to announce, that we are supported by European Commission through the Women TechEU pilot, which supports female-led deep tech champions.

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