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About Us


​Why do women still not have a reliable treatment for gynaecological infections in the 21st century?


After all 25% of all women experiences Bacterial Vaginosis every year.

80% of them experience recurrence.

75% of all women experience Candidiasis over a lifetime. For 58% it relapses in 12 moths.

Because there were no treatments, which could regain the microflora balance: 

protect your Lactobacilli and kill the pathogens.

Until now.

​We know how important are women and their health.

How important is to take seriously gynaecological infections and what complications they cause if left unmonitored.

That's why we created - 1 antibiotic-free treatment for both infections - Bacterial Vaginosis and Candidiasis!  

We are a Women Team of Biotechnology, Gynaecology, and Design professionals.

Because we are women and

we care!


We are in this together

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